Avocado Boats with Serrats Tuna

Avocado, tuna and tomato salad.


Serrats Bonito del Norte en oliva_Frasco 250gr



2-4 Avocados (depending on size)
10 cherry tomatoes
1 small purple onion
1 jar or 2 cans of Serrats Tuna

Chop the onions into small pieces, place into a bowl. Slice the tomatoes into halves, place into the same bowl as the onions. Add the tuna with it’s oil into the bowl with the onions and tomatoes, and then mix well. Half the avocados, remove the seed, and carefully remove the skin. Set the avocado halves onto your serving plate, top each avocado half with two-three spoons of the tomato, onion, and tuna mixture. Salt and pepper to taste, and then enjoy!

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