Crepes topped with L’Epicurien jams or chocolate spreads


1 c flour

2 eggs

1/2 c milk

1/2 c water

1/4 tsp salt

2 T butter

  1. Whisk the eggs and flour together in a large mixing bowl. Gradually add the milk and water, stirring until combined. Add the salt and butter, then beat until smooth.
  2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Ladle 1/4 cup batter into pan and swirl to spread batter. Cook until lightly golden, about 2 minutes, then flip with a spatula to cook other side.
  3. Serve hot with your favorite sweet L’Epicurien specialties, like the Vine Peach Jam, Very Strawberry Jam, or the Coconut and Chocolate spread!