Scallop Maki with Groix & Nature Scallop Rillettes

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Scallop Rillettes(2)



2 jars Groix & Nature Scallop Rillettes
4 leeks
15 cl (5oz) soy sauce
10g (2 tsp) sugar
5 cl (1.7oz) saké


1. Make the Asian Sauce: Reduce the soy sauce, sugar, and sake until it is syrupy.
2. Wash the leeks and slash them only on one side to obtain long strips.
3. Boil some water in a large pot, and blanch leeks for 3 minutes. Drain.
4. Cut 3cm x 15cm (1.25″ x 6″) strips into the white and green parts of the leek.
5. Place two strips of leek on top of one another. Put a heaping tablespoonful of scallop rillettes on the edge of the strip and roll the makis.
6. Put the makis on a plate and serve with the Asian sauce for dipping.

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