Easy Mushroom Risotto Recipe

We all need some comfort in our lives, right? And what better dish than a creamy risotto to fully relax and enjoy life? Cherry on top of the cake, Cordero has made this recipe even easier to make sure that a delicious risotto is possible even on a week night.

(3 to 4 servings )



1 / Melt the knob of butter in a pan on medium heat. Pour the preparation of rice and mushroom into the pan and toast it for 1 minute, stirring.

2 / Add half a glass of wine to the toasted rice and let it evaporate.

3 / Then cover the preparation with vegetable broth and cover. 

4  / Stir the preparation from time to time, adding stock if necessary. 

5 / Constantly taste your risotto so that it doesn’t overcook.

6 / Stir and serve. Add grated parmesan for extra flavor.

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