Easy Béarnaise Sauce Recipe (using Baumalu copper saucier)

Considered to be a “child” of the mother Hollandaise sauce, the Béarnaise sauce is one of the five mother sauces in the French haute cuisine repertoire.

Here is an easy recipe to make at home and impress your guests

(6 servings )



1 / In a Baumalu saucier pan, pour the white wine, the vinegar, 2 TBSP of tarragon, salt, pepper as well as the minced shallot. Cook +/- 10 minutes to reduce a little.

2 / Remove from the heat and wait a few minutes. Add the 2 yolks and whisk.

3 / Return to low heat and mix constantly to mount the béarnaise. Be careful, the egg yolks cook at 70 ° C so mix well and watch the cooking.

4  / As soon as the sabayon is set, remove from heat and add the very cold butter cut into small pieces (piece by piece.)

5 / Mix well with a whisk.

6 / Adjust the seasoning and add the remaining tarragon.


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